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Restructuring New Ways to Boost Your Business

Geemadhura Innovation Pvt Ltd is a business consultant and management firm that assists every new enterprise or venture. We always strive to create a better quality environment for your business. Our core intention is to provide information and advice regarding licensing, registration, managing brand value, and other essential things. We are specifically known for providing technical guidance to the Food Safety Supervisor for Food Processing units. As a recognized Digital Mitra of FSSAI, we conduct various surveys as awareness programs Geemadhura Innovation and Pvt Ltd is proactively raising awareness for External Food Products Testing. Thus, we perform Food Products Testing from External NABL Laboratories in India.

We dynamically believe in hosting women's empowerment by enhancing power, self-confidence, and self-reliance in all women. Geemadhura has already launched a brand new venture - Café Madhura's open to all women from the local Self-Help Group and housewives who want to showcase their handmade foods and recipes. We sell those products in all online marketplaces as a measure to support women.

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2978 Clients Served
FSSAI Registration
3972 FSSAI Registration
FSSAI Licensed
4578 FSSAI Licensed
Food Safety Supervisor
2978 Food Safety Supervisor

From The Desk of C.M.D

"The need of the nation is food, job and shelter. Our aim is focus on these areas as it is in the well being of the nationalist. Creating an ease by guiding and consulting the customers in the society to fullfil their needs in a legal and appropriate way keeping food safety our main prospective. Doing this also creates awareness and job opportunity in the local areas which will bring confidence and create good level of self-esteem in the young generation".


From The Desk of A.M.D

"Success is the offspring of hardwork & determination. Without both these parents success will not be born. In order to be successful in life, an individual has to set up goals and work for them . Many people will do the first part i.e. setting the goal right, but they forget the main part i.e. is working on it."

Why Choose Us?

Geemadhura Innovation Pvt Ltd is the best at their services - this is the main reason to choose them. Our expert professionals explain all the guidelines to our clients that are quite easier to follow. With a group of young & energetic executives, we target maximum FBOs in North Bengal, Assam, and Sikkim. Facilities like fire safety, pollution testing, DIC registration, and excise license for the FBOs and other manufacturers also come under our services. Our services are less time-consuming, easy, and budget-friendly. In some cases, it might take a bit longer to clear the process of licensing as it depends on Government officials.

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